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SAVE up to 40%. From only $1,190 each*


SAVE up to 40%. From $550 each*


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Average Dental Crowns in Sydney Our Dental Crowns
Average Cost for a Dental Crown: Typically between $1,600 to $2,500+ $1,190 to $1,450 depending on the material that you select.
Rebate/Discount for multiple Crowns? Typically none Yes
Number of visits typically required: At least 2, sometimes 3 1-2 visits
Temporary Crown Required? Yes No
Full mouth Impression Required? Yes No
Injections required: 2 1-2
Location of Crown production: Outsourced dental lab in Australia or overseas such as China. In-house at our practice.
Who makes the Dental Crown? Outsourced dental technician. Your Dentist designs the crown in-front of you
and it is produced on-site using state-of-the art equipment.
Quality Control: Outsourced dental lab. If the crown does not fit, has to be resent back for re-work, and results in another visit. By your Dentist.
Transparency of the process: Not Transparent. Material, Design and Production process is done in-front of you.
Guarantee: Typically none 5 years Limited Warranty*

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About us: Expertise and 5 Convenient Sydney Locations

  • We have particular expertise with Dental Crown procedures;
  • Our practices are Network Providers for BUPA and Medibank Private at our North Sydney and Hornsby locations;
  • All our practices are Member's First Provider for NIB
  • We have highly qualified and experienced dentists;
  • Our practices are modern and use the latest dental equipment; and
  • We have 5 convenient locations at Sydney CBD (call 8090 1105); North Sydney (8090 1108); Parramatta (8090 1109); Hornsby (8090 1100); North Ryde/Macquarie Park (8090 1102)

Why choose us?

  • Save Money;
  • Save Time;
  • High quality;
  • Long lasting, high quality crowns made In-house by our local dentists;
  • Latest state of art dental equipment and technology; and
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty*
Limited 5 year warranty seal in Sydney

Sydney Dental Crowns 5 Year Limited Warranty

*5 years Limited Warranty key conditions: Patient has to retain their receipt and have twice a year routine 6 monthly dental check-up and cleans at our North Sydney or Hornsby practices during the warranty period. The warranty will cover for a free replacement of the same Dental Crown restoration if it failed due mechanical failures only, such as fractures or de-bonds. The warranty, however, does not extend to trauma/accident related failures, dental decays, gum diseases, or a need for root canal therapy otherwise recommended by the treating dentist prior to the commencement of treatment. Offer subjects to change without notice.

Our Practice Locations

Sydney CBD Dentistry

Suite 302, Lvl 3
70 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone : (02) 8090 1105

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North Sydney Dentistry

Level 1, Suite 102/71 Walker St,
North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone: (02) 8090 1108

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Suite 25, Lvl 3
27 Hunter Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
Contact Us: (02) 8090 1109

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Suite 21, 14 Edgeworth
David Ave
Hornsby NSW 2077
Phone: (02) 8090 1100

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North Ryde Dentistry @ Macquarie Park

Unit 4, Building B
64 Talavera Rd
Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Phone: (02) 8090 1102

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Sydney Dental Crowns - Our Services

Sydney Dental Crown practices are Network Providers with Medibank and BUPA at our North Sydney and Hornsby locations, All our practices are Member's First Provider with NIB and we have HICAPS, which allows you to claim your health fund benefits for your dental treatment with us on the spot.

Dental Crowns

The purpose of a dental crown is to protect fragile tooth from fracture. Fractures and cracks frequently happen to teeth with large existing restorations, or teeth that under excessive load as we’ve seen in sleep grinders and people who clench a lot.

Dental Implants

When a tooth is removed, the gap in the jaw can limit one’s chewing ability. To further complicate the issues, the adjacent teeth and opposing tooth can grow into the missing tooth’s space, messing up the occlusion altogether.

Dental Veneer

For whatever reason, you may want to change the appearance of your teeth in which case, veneers may be the long-lasting solution for you. A dental veneer is a thin facing that is bonded to the surface of your teeth to recreate the desire look.

Dental Fillings and Restorations

Dental Fillings and Restorations are minimally invasive procedures to improve the overall function and aesthetics of your teeth. Different dental cavities (size, shape, location) need different restorative materials.


Invisalign is a modern technology that works in similar circumstances to braces. Invisalign can straighten misaligned teeth. The advantage of Invisalign is that it is transparent or clear in comparison to metal braces and has little no effect on the speech of the patient.


Orthodontics is about the prevention and treatment of misaligned teeth or malocclusion (bad bite). Orthodontic treatment uses different corrective appliances (braces, plates, functional appliances etc.) to bring both the teeth and jaw into its proper alignment.

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