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Feel free to take a look at our real life case examples below to get an idea of the quality of our work at North Sydney Dentistry and Hornsby Dental, including some amazing Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry work. Our highly skilled dentists work at both practices.

Patient patient presents with old anterior veneers that have been breaking down and unaesthetic proportions.

Patient patient presents with old anterior veneers that have been breaking down and unaesthetic proportions.

Patient patient presents with old anterior veneers that have been breaking down and unaesthetic proportions.

Patient presents to the surgery wishing to explore her options for aesthetic enhancement of her teeth. She did not want to smile at all for the photograph due to lack of self-esteem from a less aesthetic smile.

Careful placement of direct nano-hybrid composite resin veneers has managed to significantly improve the aesthetic of the patient’s smile. The shades were carefully chosen to blend with the remaining teeth and shapes that can help close the gaps of the teeth without looking out of proportion.

Patient is not happy with the look of his smile. An otherwise dentally fit young man, the patient has had a very well placed dental crown some 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the colour of his natural teeth have darkened since the provision of the dental crown.

After thorough discussion, the patient consented to ceramic veneers with Emax. The gentleman now enjoys a new and iproved smile, with carefully selected colour shade and anatomy that is not too fake or too white to achieve the best natural look.

Patient was dissatisfied about his smile, with a number of his teeth being too small. Additionally the old crown is too opaque and dark for the adjacent teeth.

This is the effect after the porcelain veneers for both the top and bottom teeth were completed. A number of changes have been made to suit the patient’s preference. We believe in communication and we encourage our patients to give us input during cosmetic dental treatments. The patient was extremely happy with the final result.

Patient has lost a central incisor at a very young age and unfortunately over a number of years, the adjacent teeth have tilted into the space. The existing removable partial denture is uncomfortable to wear and is too small in comparison to the mirroring tooth.

After careful assessment and communication with the patient, the dentist was able to improve her smile and symmetry with a ceramic bridge. The patient’s expectations have been met and are always our priority in Hornsby Dental.

Patient has lost a number of teeth in the past, including the 2 lateral incisors. 2 dental implants have been successfully placed as artificial roots.

2 implant-supported dental crowns are placed to restore the smile. The patient is enjoying improved speech and function, without worrying about a wobbly denture again. Another happy Hornsby Dentist | Hornsby Dental patient.

Patient lost a single front tooth and fractured 3 other front teeth due to trauma. The missing tooth has been restored with aremovable partial denture however the 3 other teeth were previously neglected.

The 3 fractured teeth were restored in one visit with direct nano-hybrid composite resin veneers to match the “perfect” denture tooth. The treatment has restored the function of the teeth and improved the aesthetic of the smile.

Patient has suffered a traumatic fall during childhood which has led to 2 root canal therapy by a dentist in hospital to save the teeth. Unfortunately the teeth have since discoloured due to the medication used during root canal therapy. Patient was shy to smile due to the discoloration. A lip muscle paralysis was also observed.

Ceramic Crowns were placed to mask the discoloration and also protect the teeth which already showed fractures. Veneers were placed in the adjacent teeth to improve their shade and alignment.

Patient has recently had her braces removed by another dentist, due to difficulty to clean, and possibly inadequate oral hygiene, the front teeth were damaged permanently, with physical cavitation from acid erosion and dental decays. These teeth will not be easily whitened by ordinary whitening procedures and dental veneers were necessary to improve their shade and shape.

6 Veneers were placed with minimal enamel reduction. The bite was take into consideration during the placement of the veneers to ensure that the corrected bite from braces will not be disrupted, and a conservative yet whiter shade of material was selected to improve the young lady’s smile.

Coming from Madame Tussauds Sydney towards Sydney Dental Crowns is about a 7 minute drive. Head northwest on Lime St toward Cuthbert St and turn right onto Erskine St then another right onto Sussex St. Turn left onto King St and left onto Elizabeth St then another left onto Hunter St and finally, go left onto Pitt St where you’ll see our dental clinic on the left side.

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